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Things to do in preparation for your move

  • The more prepared you are to move, the faster and easier the move will be.

  • Empty any items out of dressers, chests, desks, etc. other than clothing. Overloading of these pieces is not safe for the furniture.

  • Make sure all boxes have closed tops, so they can be stacked in the truck.

  • Generous use of paper in the packing process will protect all your fragile items. No boxes should rattle.

  • Any items that are broken or starting to break will not be insured against further cracking. Any items with loose parts, ie.: handles, knobs, should be removed before moving so they don't get lost.

  • All stereo equipment, VCR's, and other electronic equipment should be disconnected and boxed prior to moving, or moved by the homeowner.

  • Any irreplaceable, high value, or fragile items should be packed professionally or moved by the homeowner.

  • Please do not apply any furniture polish to your furniture prior to moving, it will cause the furniture to be too slippery to carry.

  • Because of insurance restrictions our men are not allowed to go into attics and crawlspaces, so customers should have all items out of those areas.

  • All waterbeds should be completely drained. It is recomended that a pump is rented for this process. The mattress should be empty enough for one man to carry, otherwise the mattress could be damaged.

  • During the winter months all walkways should be shoveled clear of snow, otherwise our men will need to clear the walk at our hourly moving rate.

  • We can shrink wrap your upholstered furniture for a charge of $6.00 per item, protecting it against any soiling.

  • Carpet Tac, adhesive plastic carpet protection, can be provided at a cost of $25/50'

  • We sell packing supplies that can be picked up at our Orland Park, Il. facility for the self-packer.

  • (Call for Pricing)